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About JC

Early Life

Born in Singapore and moved to Sydney Australia at just 12 months old, JC has always been a ‘traveller’. She had a major setback as a child that would later become a driving force to help others both in personal life and in business. Being an adaptable and creative quick thinker, made her fast on her feet. She was always looking after people and animals and became very resourceful and resilient.

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The book:

The relationship secrets you’re not supposed to know,

& The breakup secrets no one will tell you, until now.

We Need To Talk



Ruth M.

"I booked in to see JC with physical injuries that had been bothering me for quite some time. We spoke briefly of them & I felt open to JC treating me holistically. Guided by her intuition & experience she was able to bring me muscular comfort, and - more importantly - helped me address my metaphysical//psychogenic pain.

Throughout the session, I felt supported & relaxed. From the first moment I was invited to select my massage scent to a final conversation shared on mental well-being I cannot fault JC's service. She truly gives of herself and nurtures all your ailments."


Emma S.

"I had an amazing experience with JC! She is truly gifted in connection and sees intuitively what is going on at a spiritual and physical level. A wonderful experience, that was unique and special.

I feel very lucky having stumbled across JC and will be back! What a highlight!"


Keran K.

"I am blessed to experience the ultimate sessions with JC ongoing!

From life coaching, massage to spiritual guidance. I would recommend JC in a heart beat, an experience I won't forget​"

Who is JC?

JC is a resilient & resourceful ‘ideas’ person. Over the past 20+ years, JC has built a 7 figure award winning Health & Wellness centre, is a Leaving Coach at her company, Breakup Brilliant: helping people ‘breakup’ with the relationships they have, to have the relationships they want. JC also has Mountain Wellness Co & a business & personal coaching company called Wellbusi (well/business) that helps entrepreneurs overcome sabotages, create the right relationships, maximise profit and impact and to leave a legacy – all without sacrificing their personal lives in the process.

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